‘Step Into Sport’ day a huge success!

Fairfield Farm College organised a sport leadership day called ‘Step Into Sport’. It was aimed at students with additional needs who wanted to lead and students who want to work with students who have additional needs. It’s a day based around inclusion and how to ensure everyone can benefit from being active. Seven schools & colleges attended with 68 students in total.

Paralympic Swimmer and Triathlete David Hill joined us at Lavington School to help organise the activities & inspire the young Leaders.

The Fairfield Farm College team were fantastic. One of the activities involved discussing what makes a good leader. The students were mixed together & needed to communicate with pupils they didn’t know. In the next activity they cooperated with even more strangers to achieve tasks using balloons. This confidence continued into the afternoon. It was fantastic to watch our Leaders in a new environment, with new people, doing new activities & developing new skills. 

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