Fairfield Farm College Interns enjoy an eventful 2020

18th December 2020

fairfield farm college interns enjoy an eventful 2020

Like all students, the Fairfield Farm College Interns have had an eventful year with COVID-19 putting the brakes on their journey into paid employment. However, they have continued to be positive about attending college and working with Wiltshire Employment Support Team (WEST). They have increased their knowledge and brushed up their work skills, whilst exploring their working options.

Artimon worked at Café Spiro and British Heart Foundation. He is due to start as a volunteer window cleaner at Springboard school in January, with the hope that this will become paid employment.

Jack worked at Mirandas Café and hopes to return on a paid or volunteer basis in the new year. Jack has done well with his travel training, and has grown in confidence with his independence and communication.

Jordan has been continuing with his working interviews at Mainlys Hardware Store with some COVID-19 safety breaks. Jordan has already demonstrated his employability skills with working in the Fairfield Farm Shop. He is job searching and hopeful that he will start paid employment in the new year.

Andrew proved himself a likeable, employable member of the team when he started his working interview in a nursing home at the start of the year. Unfortunately, this had to stop but they are keen to welcome Andrew back. Other employment options are being identified by his job coach.

Both Jordan and Andrew are also visiting and securing supported living. With leaving college, moving home, and finding employment, there are exciting times ahead for the Fairfield Farm College interns.


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