Changes to Youth Club from September 2022 at Fairfield Farm College

Changes to Youth Club from September 2022 – Advanced Warning

As part of our commitment to continually reviewing services, we have been looking at the Youth Club. It has grown over the last 6/7 years and is now a great success. It is important for us to review how and why services are offered and to make sure that they are suitable and fit for purpose.

The success of the Youth Club has resulted in growing numbers but also a reduction in people moving on from Youth Club to other activities. We understand that this is partly due to fewer opportunities available across the county. From September 2022, we are changing how Youth Club runs, the membership criteria and age ranges. We are also introducing new opportunities for older, non-Fairfield Students as part of our Living Well Service. This is to recognise that for some people, the need for social events and support remains a priority.

We recognise that this will be disappointing for some, so thought it was important to let everyone know as soon as possible. Lindsay is still a big part of the Youth Club and Ria will continue to lead the Youth Club and the new Social Club, so there will be familiar faces to help with the transition.

Youth Club – (current Fairfield College students only)

This service will be for young people transitioning into college (following an agreed place or consultation) and current students only. Once you have finished your course at college, your place at Youth Club will stop and you will be eligible to attend the Social Club.

Social Club – (for young people 18+)

Our Living Well Service is offering weekly meet up and social events, such as the cinema, pub, meals out etc for adults. We are going to be releasing more information soon. The focus of these events will be to provide supported and staffed social events as decided by the group. These will be staffed by the Living Well Service. More information about dates and costs to follow. This will not happen at the College, it will be a floating service so that people across the county can benefit.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to working alongside you again in September.

Everyone at Fairfield Farm Trust.

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