Fairfield Students Visit Parliament

13th March 2023

The Fairfield College Student Council were invited to attend a tour of The Houses of Parliament. Aaron, Libby, Emily, Holly and Gemma worked hard to plan the trip themselves, taking into account all of the sights to see and the transportation needed.

The group took the train from Westbury to Paddington Station, and then walked to Westminster, taking all the sites along the way such as the Marble Arch, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and more.

The group enjoyed a guided tour of the House of Commons and House of Lords. The tour guide gave lots of exciting information about the history of the building and all the old traditions still performed today. Students really enjoyed looking at statues of previous Prime Ministers, Kings and Queens.

One particular highlight was the statue of Viscount Falkland on which the Suffragette Margery Hume in 1909 chained herself to and had to be freed with bolt cutters. During the cutting of the chains the statues spur was damaged and never repaired – fascinating to see and inspired questions and conversation!

After their tour, the group planned their journey back to Paddington via the London Underground with great success. Lindsay Elkin, Admissions Manager at Fairfield College who joined them commented “We are very proud of Aaron, Libby, Emily, Holly and Gemma who worked hard to plan the trip and navigate the big city of London” 

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