Fairfield 2021 Graduation ceremony

Students at Fairfield Farm College were able to celebrate their graduation on 9th July. With 24 students graduating from Fairfield Farm College this year, it was the largest graduation event in the college’s history. Students and their guests were able to enjoy a motivational presentation by Paralympic Swimmer, Liz Johnson. Liz, who dialled in online from Brazil, spoke to students about her experiences and challenges, and how she overcame many hurdles in her career to win an array medals in various Paralympic games. She offered some great advice for students on how to deal with life’s challenges, and great ways to stay motivated.

Students then took it in turns to enjoy their moment in the spotlight. Each student was invited to collect their certificates and a framed photo of their memories at the college. Some students had been at Fairfield Farm College for over 5 years, and there were many laughs, but also tears from students and staff. Many students have already got plans in place for their future, with some returning to the college for the STEPS programme, an independent living arrangement. Other students have managed to secure employment opportunities and work experiences within the local community.

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