Inter tutor group Boccia competition at Fairfield

Sports Leaders at Fairfield Farm College organised and refereed a inter-tutor group Boccia competition. Boccia is a precision ball sport, similar to bocce, and related to bowls and pétanque. The Sports Leaders gave clear instructions, implemented the rules and measured when required. Congratulations to all the students who took part or supported their tutor teams. There was lots of encouragement from the sidelines which helped the players feel valued.
The ‘crowd’ were also very respectful of the refereeing decisions. In the end it was very close:
1st Place – Shelley’s Tutor Group
2nd Place : Neil’s Tutor Group
Joint 3rd Place : Jo’s Tutor Group & Mary-Jane’s Tutor Group.
Of course, as always, the main thing is that everyone participated fairly, safely and with a smile! 
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