‘The Potato Dig’ at Fairfield!

12th August 2022

Following on from the great response to our Sunflower Picking, we’re running ‘The Potato Dig’ on Tuesday 16th August between 9am and 12pm.

🥔 We’ve got a variety of different potatoes including; Sharpes Express, King Edward, Rocket and Pink Fir Apple, other varieties may be available.

😁 It’s self-dig, so great fun for little ones to try and unearth some potatoes! We have forks available for you to borrow, or bring your own.

⚖️ The potatoes will be sold at 50p per kilo.

Upon arrival in our Farm Shop ask for directions to the potato beds, and then get digging!

Nothing tastes better than potatoes made into mash or chips 😋

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